Rivets - Inserts and Bolts

Blind Rivet Supply specializes in all types and manufacturers of Blind Rivets, Blind Rivet Nuts, Huck Bolts, and Collars. Below are three major categories of Blind Rivets from Open End, Closed End, Structural Rivets, Peel Type, Pull Thru, Q-Lok, Magna Bulb, and Bulbing Rivets, Multi-Grip, Speed Fasteners, Rivet Burrs, Avseal, Mate Rivets, C6L, Magna Grips, Magna Loks, C50L Powerbolts, Huckspin, Bobtails, BOM Powerlocks, Hucktainer, Rivet Nuts, We stock these in all material from Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Brass and Copper.
  • Blind Rivets and Fasteners Blind Rivets and Fasteners
    Blind rivets in this category are available with brazier, countersunk, domed, large-flanged, or truss heads. They can be fully installed in a joint on just one side of a structure, where it is "blind" to the opposing side. Closed-end rivets help to create a seal to prevent air and moisture leakage. Multi-grip rivets feature a wide grip range to accommodate different material thicknesses. Tri-bulb rivets are segmented on the blind end, allowing the sleeve to extend in three directions for a secure hold.
  • Huck Power Bolts & Collars Huck Power Bolts & Collars
    It’s the proven reliability, vibration-resistant locking performance that makes Arconic Fastening Systems famous. You’ll find it in every HuckBolt®. Delivering uniform, consistent clamp load and high shear and tensile strength, HuckBolts are ideal for applications ranging from general manufacturing to high-vibration environments such as HVAC, trailer and container assembly, rotating equipment, shopping carts, railroad, and transit cars, geodesic structures and many others. HuckBolts also provide a high level of corrosion resistance. See our large inventories at Blind Rivet Supply Co.
  • Rivet Nuts - Threaded Rivets Rivet Nuts - Threaded Rivets
    A rivet nut is used for installing a strong threaded insert from one side of Aluminum, Plastic, Sheet Metal, Tubing, Extrusions and other materials too brittle to support a tapped hole as well as areas that are not accessible like the mast of a sailboat or the fiberglass of a hull. This provides a threaded insert for screws and bolts. Driving in the rod or bolt causes the end of the rivet nut to anchor itself to the panel or part. Blind Rivet Supply carries one of the largest assortment of rivet nuts available on the market. See Inventory under this category...
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