Rivets - Inserts and Bolts

Blind Rivet Supply specializes in all types and manufacturers of Blind Rivets, Blind Rivet Nuts, Huck Bolts and Collars. Below are three major categories of Blind Rivets from Open End, Closed End, Structural Rivets, Peel Type, Pull Thru, Q-Lok, Magna Bulb and Bulbing Rivets, Multi-Grip, Speed Fasteners, Rivet Burrs, Avseal, Mate Rivets, C6L, Magna Grips, Magna Loks, C50L Powerbolts, Huckspin, Bobtails, BOM Powerlocks, Hucktainer, Rivet Nuts, We stock these in all material from Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Brass and Copper.
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