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  • STI Taps STI Taps
    Recoil Taps or Helicoil Taps or STI Taps or Screw Thread Insert Taps are used with Recoil Inserts or Helicoil Inserts only. Recoil taps are manufactured to precise standards from High-Speed steel (HSS) with ground threads and are available in Taper, Intermediate and Bottoming lead. They have a large diameter but the same pitch as a standard tap in order to accommodate the Recoil Inserts. Spiral Point and Spiral Flute machine taps are also available. For all spark plug applications, pilot nose taps are available. The Recoil thread inserts, when installed into a correctly tapped hole, will provide the applicable internal thread tolerance for the installed bolt.
  • Hand Installation Tools Hand Installation Tools
    The Recoil® threaded mandrel type tool is suitable for the installation of free running and locking inserts. The Recoil® mandrel is wound into the insert, which is then wound into the tapped hole. The Recoil® mandrel is removed by turning the crank in a counter-clockwise direction, leaving the insert in place. Note: The Recoil® threaded mandrel type installation tool is recommended for installing locking inserts.
  • Hand Extraction Tools Hand Extraction Tools
    Should inserts need to be removed, the use of the Recoil® extraction tool or Helicoil® extraction tool is recommended. Helicoil insert extraction tools are simple and easy to use. Correct positioning will make the extraction more manageable, the tool should be turned 90° from the start of the coil allowing easy winding out of the insert. If the extraction tool is not gripping the insert, the edges can be resharpened.
  • Tang Break Tools Tang Break Tools
    Tang break off tools are available in hand, semi-automatic spring type, and pneumatic. The spring-loaded and pneumatic tang break tools are recommended for the removal of tangs in production applications. For large diameter fine thread inserts, e.g. M18-1.5 and above, 3/4- 16 and above, the use of long nose pliers is an alternative method to break the tang.
  • Tangless Insert Tools Tangless Insert Tools
    The Recoil® Tangless® installation tool is designed for production. Unlike competitors that utilize plastic body parts, the all-steel construction of the tool makes them sturdy and dependable. The Recoil® Tangless® installation tool is designed with precision and durability in mind for manual installation of Recoil® insert or Helicoil® inserts. Customers that install hundreds or thousands of inserts per month should consider using the Recoil® or Helicoil® prewinder electric tool for a significant boost in productivity and reduced labor costs.
  • Power Insert Tools Power Insert Tools
    The Recoil range of power tooling ensures consistent high volume thread insert installation for a variety of applications. Recoil powered installation tools or Helicoil Power Tool may be supplied for use with either compressed air supply or via a stabilized low voltage power supply to suit your particular requirements. Both equipment types offer significant productivity gains for high volume insert use.
  • Gauges Gauges
    Thread gauging is recommended wherever precision threads are required. The quality of the tapped hole, which accommodates the insert, determines the finished size and hole quality after the insert has been installed. If the finished tapped hole gauges satisfactorily, the installed insert will be within the thread tolerance.
  • Solid Threaded Inserts Solid Threaded Inserts
    Keysert® inserts are solid, one-piece, key-locking inserts used to repair damaged threads or for use in original equipment. The Keysert® locking keys provide a positive mechanical lock that prevents rotation due to vibration or torsion. Keysert® inserts are available in carbon or stainless steel, both in inch and metric series. Thinwall, Heavy-Duty, Extra Heavy-Duty, and Solid insert styles are available separately or in kits containing a range of sizes.

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