Certificates of Conformance (Also called Certificates of Conformity or Certificates of Compliance) and Certificates of RoHS/REACH Compliance - This document certifies that the supplied goods meet the required specifications.

Blind Rivet Supply includes Certificates of Conformance within the Packing List on all shipments free of charge.

In most cases, a Certificate of Conformance serves as adequate documentation to ensure you are receiving certified goods that meet the required specifications. Many buyers are challenged with what is acceptable documentation and may, at times, confuse a Certificate of Conformance with a Mill Test Report (MTR) and often also called a Certified Mill Test Report (CMTR), Mill Test Certificate (MTC), inspection certificate, certificate of test, or a host of other names.

A Material Test Report (MTR) is not included with shipped goods following your purchase. These reports can be supplied at an additional charge (Charge varies by brand and product type) upon request. Please be advised Material Test Reports are not always available for all products sold and in order to best ensure that we can comply with your request, please submit your request at the time of purchase using one of the following methods:

1. When purchasing online: Before submitting your order, enter your specific Material Test Report request in the "Order Notes" section. Customer Service will follow-up to advise on availability and additional costs to administer and comply with your request.

2. Contacting Customer Service: by selecting Contact Us in our main website menu.

3. Emailing Customer Service at: [email protected]

4. Calling Customer Service at: 1-888-472-1081

For further information regarding Material Test Reports (MTR) please Click Here

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