Top Pneumatic Rivet Tools

Posted by Ajinkya Ghule on 10/10/2017

Top Manufacturers Analysis in Pneumatic Rivet Gun Market

Gesipa, Avdel, Lobtex Co. Ltd.........

Why Use Blind Rivets

Posted by Peter Erickson on 6/28/2016

Why Use Blind Rivets

The most obvious answer can be found in the name itself. A blind or breakstem rivet, is a permanent fastener, which will hold two or more pieces of material, both similar and dissimilar, together in, or on a fixture where only one side of the material can be accessed. It is the fastest way to fasten two or more pieces of material together permanently.


Posted by Peter Erickson on 5/4/2016

Huck Tool Repair Parts

Posted by Global Stores Group LLC on 3/12/2013
Leader in Huck Parts and Accessories

Global Stores Group is positioning to be one of the largest suppliers of Huck Tool Part Distributors. Within the past year, the Blind Rivet Supply web site has published pricing, open to all, for not only Alcoa's Marson Division as well as Alcoa's Huck division tools. We carry Huck Nose..........

Threaded Insert

Posted by Peter Erickson on 5/24/2012
Not to long ago this was an easy answer. Threaded inserts, such as Heli-Coil® inserts (Heli-Coil® is a registered trademark of Emhart® Technologies)or Recoil® a registered trademark of Alcoa are considered repair inserts or........

Sheet Metal Screw Thread and Point Types

Posted by Peter Erickson on 4/19/2012
Sheet Metal Screw Thread and Tip Types

In this article we will be focusing on the main thread styles and screw tip types of sheet metal screws commonly used in both construction and manufacturing today. The sheet metal screw is by far the most widely used fastener............

Rivet Nuts Why Bother

Posted by Peter Erickson on 3/25/2012
Rivet Nuts have been around since 1936 when the need for installing a blind internally threaded rivet was needed for the purpose of attaching  a rubber aircraft wing de-icer extrusion on the wings of airplanes. Since then, the use and popularity has been slow to grow with the exception of the military and aerospace markets. The rivet nut soon became more popular in industry ......

New Battery Powered Rivet Gun

Posted by Peter Erickson on 3/24/2012
Blind Rivet Installation Now Available without Pneumatic's and Hand Operation

The freedom of not having to drag around 50lbs of air line and constantly move the compressor or maybe developing carpal tunnel syndrome after installing thousands of rivets by hand clutching down on the rivet gun handle 4 to 8 times before the mandrel breaks has now been solved with a cordless rivet gun. It's been a long time waiting..........
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