Blind Rivet Supply carries most of the top manufacturers of manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and battery-operated rivet kits and rivet accessories. We are proud to be able to supply tools from Marson, Arconic, Huck, POP, Stanley, AVK, Atlas, Blue Pneumatic, Gage Bilt, Gesipa, Avdel, Cherry, Lobster, Zipp, Farr, and Honsel. Under each category, we provide tool schematics, the part list with order sheets, tool specifications and more. Our technical support staff is ready and able to help in choosing the best tool for your job.  See the categories below to display available tools and quantities in stock.
  • Blind Rivet Tools / Kits Blind Rivet Tools / Kits
    Blind Rivet Supply carries full lines of blind rivet tools, manual, battery-powered and air-powered from just about every major manufacturer both domestic and import. Prices, Inventory, Parts Break Downs and Parts are found under this category.
  • Rivet Nut Guns / Kits Rivet Nut Guns / Kits
    Rivet Nuts Tools are available in Pneumatic, Battery as well as manual styles. Blind Rivet Supply stocks these tools as well as consumable parts for these tools from multiple manufacturers.
  • Huck Tools & Accessories Huck Tools & Accessories
    Designed to offer the highest levels of ergonomics, productivity, and long life, the Huck line of installation tooling reflects the same level of innovation and quality as its advanced fasteners. Whether it’s a Huck hydraulic tool employed in the high-volume installation of large diameter HuckBolts, or a smaller pneudraulic model used to install blind rivets and small diameter HuckBolts, you can count on these tools to deliver the industry’s best value.
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