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Blind Rivet Supply Company offers the utmost in quality service for the Farming Industry, Tractor, Rail, Truck Repair, Marine, Manufacturing as well as the individual homeowner for all of our tools and supplies. Our online store has been open for business over 30 years, selling a vast array of products from Blind Rivets and POP Rivets to Stanley, Avdel, Huck, Marson, and more. We stock vast quantities of Rivets, Pins, and Bolts in basically all materials, including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper, Inconel, brass, and more as well as rivet tools including manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and battery operated. We also sell a full line of commercial bulk fasteners as one of the largest suppliers of Recoil Thread Repair Kits, Inserts, Gauges, and Thread Repair Tools as well as a full line of Keenserts and Keyserts.
Our product specialists have been in the market for well over 45 years striving in unparalleled support and product knowledge in the industrial, automotive, manufacturing, construction, and general use of all of our products. One of the most exciting features of this site is the expansive inventory and functions such as our Tool Schematic Library. It allows the customer a place not only to find the schematic for their tools but order every part needed to repair the tool in one location.
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  • Blind Rivet Products - Open End Rivets in Stainless, Aluminum and Steel, Closed End Rivets, Multi Grip Rivets, Copper and Brass Rivets, Tri Bulb Rivets, Painted Rivets in Black, Brown and White, Rivet Backup Washers, Q-Lok Rivets, Structural Rivets, T Rivets, Automotive Rivets, Nylon Rivets, Plastic Rivets, Klick-Lok Rivets, Huck Bolts, Huck Rivets, Magna Grip Rivets and C6L Lockbolt Rivets.
  • Threaded Insert Products - Poly Nuts, Flat Head Rivet Nuts, Ribbed Rivet Nuts ML Series, Ribbed Rivet Nuts MK Series, Hex Body Threaded Inserts, Thread-Serts, Neoprene Threaded Inserts, Quad Leg Threaded Inserts.
  • Tools - Rivet Guns, Pneumatic Rivet Guns, Marson Rivet Guns, Huck Rivet Guns, Blue Pneumatic Rivet Guns, Blue Pneumatic Tools, Thread Setter Guns and Kits, Recoil Insert Tools, Pneumatic Thread Repair Tools and more.
  • Thread Repair Products - Recoil Thread Repair Kits, Bulk Thread Repair Inserts, Thread Gauges, Automatic Thread Repair Tools, STI Taps, Helical Inserts, Keyserts, Solid Inserts, Keenserts and more.

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When you're ready to find the ideal products, design tools, and applications for your needs, the team at Blind Rivet Supply is standing by. Should you need assistance of any kind, please feel free to contact us at (888) 472-1081 or [email protected].

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Blind Rivet Supply Company carries the complete line of Arconic / Marson and Huck Products, POP Rivets (a Brand name for Blind Rivets manufactured by Stanley), Huck Rivets, Avdel, Atlas Rivet Nuts and more. Blind Rivet Supply Co. specializes in all of the Marson or Arconic lines with the ability to supply you from both the commercial line as well as the value line of Blind Rivets. The Arconic Fastening System offers a full range of headed Marson brand rivets for general consumer and industrial applications.


Blind Rivets are tubular with a mandrel inserted through the center. The purpose of the mandrel is to compress the rivet body causing the back or blind side of the rivet to flare against the reverse side. Once the rivet has reached a predetermined force, the mandrel will snap at its breaking point. The materials and manufacturing processes used to head rivet bodies increase their shear and tensile values over a stamped eyelet-style rivet. These easy-to-use rivets are used to fasten together two or more pieces of material of varying thickness. Blind Rivets usually are hollow but can also be semi-solid within the core, providing a weathertight seal.

Note: When choosing rivets, the rivet body alloy, in addition to being elected for strength requirements, it should also be selected for compatibility with the materials that join to avoid galvanic corrosion caused by coupling dissimilar metals. If different metals are widely separated on the galvanic chart, it is advisable to separate them with a dielectric such as paint or other coatings.

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