Threaded Insert

Posted by Peter Erickson on 5/24/2012 to Rivets & Fasteners
Not too long ago, this was an easy answer. Threaded inserts, such as Heli-Coil® inserts (Heli-Coil® is a registered trademark of Emhart® Technologies)or Recoil® a registered trademark of Alcoa are considered repair inserts or a means of repairing damaged threads or installing strengthened threaded holes in inferior materials. These threaded inserts are typically precision formed screw thread coils typically made of stainless steel wire having a diamond-shaped cross-section. There are also solid inserts such as Keenserts or Keyserts which act in a similar fashion either repairing threads, solidifying inferior materials or reducing an overcut hole to receive a smaller fastener. 

Threaded inserts or rivet nuts, Poly Nuts, Threadserts, Neoprene Rivet Nuts, Quad Leg Inserts, Jack Nuts.... are threaded inserts for blind holes. All of these items and much more in the threaded insert arena can be found from small quantities to large for manufacturing on or call 888-472-1081.
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