Sheet Metal Screw Thread and Point Types

Posted by Peter Erickson on 4/19/2012 to Rivets & Fasteners
Sheet Metal Screw Thread and Tip Types

In this article, we will be focusing on the main thread styles and screw tip types of sheet metal screws commonly used in both construction and manufacturing today. The sheet metal screw is by far the most widely used fastener or fastener style in that it can be used in wood, plastic, sheet metal, drywall and more whereas the wood screw can not. A common definition of the sheet metal screw is a rod with spiral threads the entire length of the body with a single end for binding items together with a tool.

Sheet metal screws are most commonly referred to a Type A, Type B or Type AB where a Type A sheet metal screw has a sharp pointed end, Type B has a 60 Degree flank angle thread with a blunt end and the type AB has a 60 Degree flank angle thread with a sharp point end which can form a thread in soft materials.

Sheet metal screws are now available with drill points like the K-Lath Screw or what is referred to as a Tek Screw or self-drilling screw. Each Tek style screw can be selected with its own distinct Protrusion Allowance... i.e. #1 Pt, #2 Pt or #3 Pt.

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