Huck Model 2480 Hydraulic Rivet Tool

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Huck Model 2480  Hydraulic Rivet Tool
Huck Model 2480 Hydraulic Rivet Tool
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Huck Model 2480  Hydraulic Rivet Gun

The Huck 2480 is a very lightweight tool which provides for the high-speed installation of a wide range of HuckBolt and Huck blind bolt fasteners. The Huck hydraulic rivet gun has only one moving part, resulting in outstanding reliability and minimal maintenance. The tight centerline-to-edge measurement of the Model 2480 and its light weight (2.21 pounds) allow for its use in limited clearance areas.

An extended piston version is available (2480L) for use with L type nose assemblies.

The Huck 2480 tool has an integral 3.64m hose set. 

The 2480, A2480, and 2481 series, with appropriate nose assemblies, install a wide range of Huck blind fasteners and HUCKBOLT® fasteners. The 2480 series has hoses that pass through the handle and 2481 has hoses attached to the top of the tool - - see FIGURE 3 and FIGURE4. These lightweight and compact tools are particularly adapted to installing fasteners in limited clearance areas. Each tool is complete with hydraulic hoses and couplings; electric switch and cord. Tool is basically a cylinder aid piston assembly.  An unloading valve, designed to relieve hydraulic pressure at end of the PULL stroke, is positioned by the piston. The end of the piston rod is threaded - - retaining nut and stop are included for attaching a nose assembly.

Huck hydraulic rivet guns are designed to be powered by Huck POWERIG® Hydraulic Units - - Models 913H, 918, 918-5, 940, 956. or equivalent, are power sources.

A specific nose assembly is required for each fastener type and size. Nose assemblies must be ordered separately

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