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  • Keysert® and Keensert® Inserts Keysert® and Keensert® Inserts
    • Installed with standard drills and taps • Easy installation • May be used in a variety of materials: aluminum, magnesium, cold-rolled steel • Easy to remove • Passivated to enhance corrosion-resistance and finish • Counterbored internal thread on Inch Series Keenserts; countersunk internal thread on Metric Series
  • Keysert® Kits Keysert® Kits
    Keysert® tooling range kits are available in UNC, UNF, metric, and tool only. Also, you can find them in mini range kits and master range kits. Blind Rivet Supply carries the entire line of Recoil® Keysert® kits for your convenience.
  • Keysert® Tools Keysert® Tools
    Keysert® tools are made to install and set keys to complete the installation. Blind Rivet Supply has all available tools for both the Keensert® and Keyserts® tool lines.

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