Blind Rivets Used for Semi Trucks & Trailers

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Blind Rivets Used for Semi Trucks & Trailers


The first patent for a blind rivet was filed in 1916, a mere eight years after the debut of the Model T. These mechanical innovations have a long and intertwined history, and this particular type of rivet remains integral to the construction of motor vehicles. If you find yourself asking how exactly are they important, we at have the experience and authority to answer your questions. Here is some information on the potential uses of blind rivets for the trucking industry at large.

Top Pneumatic Rivet Tools

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Top Manufacturers Analysis in Pneumatic Rivet Gun Market

Gesipa, Avdel, Lobtex Co. Ltd...

Why Use Blind Rivets

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Why Use Blind Rivets?

The most obvious answer can be found in the name itself. A blind or breakstem rivet is a permanent fastener, which will hold two or more pieces of material, both similar and dissimilar, together in, or on a fixture where only one side of the material can be accessed. It is the fastest way to fasten two or more pieces of material together permanently.

Huck Tool Repair Parts

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Leader in Huck Parts and Accessories

Global Stores Group is positioning to be one of the largest suppliers of Huck Tool Part Distributors. Within the past year, the Blind Rivet Supply web site has published pricing, open to all, for not only Alcoa's Marson Division as well as Alcoa's Huck division tools. We carry Huck Nose..........
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