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Save time and reliably meet a wide range of installation challenges with Recoil® Tangless® inserts. These advanced free-running inserts offer all of the strength and smooth installation characteristics of standard Recoil® wire thread inserts, but with a big plus: no tang to break off post-installation. Like standard Recoil® thread inserts, once installed, these Tangless inserts share the load over the entire bolt and hole, improving joint strength and pull-out resistance.

The Recoil® screw-lock insert is designed to provide a screw-locking feature which will retain screws or bolts under the most severe vibration or varying temperature conditions. 

The insert locking configuration comprises a series of uniquely designed locking chords, which, upon the engagement of a screw or bolt, deflect radially to permit the installation of the bolt. Upon bolt entry, these straight segments flex outwardly, creating pressure on the bolt. This pressure is applied between the flanks of the bolt thread so that the contact area is maximized. 

Locking inserts retain locking torque over numerous assembly cycles. Refer to relevant specifications for insert life. Each Recoil® screw-lock insert type has a specially designed locking configuration. This ensures that the insert meets its design specification requirements. Therefore the shape, depth, and number of locking chords will inevitably vary for differing thread types and sizes.

NOTE: Recoil® locking inserts are supplied colored in a red surface dye as standard for differentiation from standard inserts.

Both screw-locking and free-running inserts are available on plastic strips for automated tooling systems.

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