Rivets and the Rail Industry

Posted by Samantha Erickson on 9/10/2019 to Rivets & Fasteners
Rivets and the Rail Industry

Do you remember the great Rival Rails” Train Race across the continental US? With some of the great innovators like Richard Branson and others, interest in building the newest and fastest trains has a rebound. The need for speed requires the latest technologies and infrastructure using some of the most significant breakthroughs in vibration-resistant fasteners. The use of high-speed trains on the current infrastructure in the US is in its infancy due to the sizable cost. The substantial investment required for the future of rail will help us live up to the goal of making the industry “Cleaner and Greener.”

Today, in the United States, railroads are just as prevalent as ever. With the transportation of goods, freight trains are spanning up to three miles with two-hundred cars. With Richard Branson recently extending his Virgin Trains venture to the US, passenger trains are also experiencing something of a comeback. Forbes has crowed about a “second rail boom” which can see “a multibillion revival in rail R&D and infrastructure.” With all the new rails that are continually being laid and upgrades to old ones, development companies are using an influx of fasteners. 

Resisting the Rumbling of the Rails

One of the most crucial job requirements for a fastener that is installed on any rail is vibration resistance. Depending on how many cars a train may be pulling, a vibration can last up to several minutes at a time. If a rivet or fastener were to come loose, it could lead to a colossal disaster.

Hand in hand, the second most important job requirement for these fasteners is durability. By their nature, rails and their fastening components must remain sturdy under frequent moments of intense pressure. If your rivet or fastener is not heavy-duty enough, it has the risk of bending out of place. 

The Huck Design

HuckBolts are as heavy-duty as they get and provide much-needed clamp force. BobTails lack a break-off pintail, which augments their resistance to corrosion. The Hucktainer has a pintail as a part of a spiral-lock system for easy installation. 

Thanks to Huck’s sophisticated technology, these rivets and fasteners are capable of filling in all available thread space in the grooves during their installation. During the installation, this virtually eliminates transverse motion and guarantees greater longevity than most other fasteners. Huck’s products include; high tensile strength, high shear strength, exceptional vibration resistance, incredible fatigue life, and easy installation, making this the mindless choice when choosing the proper fastener. 

High-Quality Rivets and Fasteners for Train Rails

You can find a host of Huck Rivets and Fasteners on Blind Rivet Supply. The Hucktainer, HuckBolt, Huck360, BobTail, and many others are all available in our extensive inventory. We also carry a wide variety of other fasteners, including carriage bolts, that can come in handy for your task. As the initiative to restore and construct our railroads continues, knowing the best rivets and fasteners for train rails is more critical than ever. 

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