Keysert and Keensert Inserts

KEYSERT® and KEENSERT® Thread Repair Inserts are the solid alternative for Thread Repair Designed to repair damaged threads or for use in original equipment, Keyserts®, and Keenserts® provide easy installation and versatility. Featuring a key-locking action that prevents rotation due to vibration or torsion, commercial-grade Keyserts and Keenserts can be used in a wide range of materials and applications. Commercial-grade Keyserts are available in carbon and stainless steel, both inch and metric series, and are supplied in Thinwall, Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty, and Solid styles. Keyserts are offered individually or in kits. Available in stainless steel, Keenserts® are manufactured and tested according to MIL-I-45914 rev A. This rigorous process includes testing internal and external threads (proof and pull-out), torque-out, locking torque (where applicable), non-destructive testing, and magnetic permeability testing. In addition, Keenserts offer complete traceability and are available in internal thread-locking and miniature sizes.

Important Note • These inserts are not recommended for use in brittle materials, such as cast iron or plastic

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