Huck Magna-Lok

Huck Magna-Lok

The 360º solid-circle lock. It’s Alcoa Fastening System’s answer to loosening and vibration challenges. And it’s the reason Magna-Lok® is the world’s strongest, most reliable, most consistent blind fastening solution available. The unique locking design creates an internal lock during installation that virtually eliminates pin pushout by mechanically locking the pin to the sleeve. So Magna-Lok fasteners lock flush into place reliably. Permanently.

Magna-Lok is ideal for applications ranging from general manufacturing and commercial truck body assembly to freight trailers, military vehicles, and postal vehicles. No fastening system is stronger or more dependable.

Twenty times the strength. In lap shear fatigue tests, steel Magna-Lok fasteners outlasted the
nearest competitor nearly 20 to 1. Ours lasted 2 million cycles, while theirs lasted only 100,000. In addition, this strength extends to the solid-circle lock design. The expanding sleeve creates a tough, long-lasting joint with a tight, weather-resistant seal. This shield
blocks out water and salt, further ensuring the fastener’s long, reliable life.

Quick and economical to install and inspect. Because installing Magna-Lok fasteners is so easy, a worker can install three fasteners in just two seconds. That’s 5,400 fasteners an hour. And because they install from just one side, you pay just one worker.

With the Magna-Lok system, workers can be trained to install the fasteners in a matter of minutes. Installations are more accurate than other fasteners of the same kind because the element of human error is not an issue. The lock is repeatable, and there’s no need to grind or fill; you can paint right away. What’s more, inspections are
quick and easy. Once properly installed, there’s no need for torque inspections or x-rays.
Easy on the ears. And the environment. Alcoa Fastening

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