Huck Model 968 POWERIG Hydraulic Unit

Part Number:BR-968
Huck Model 968 POWERIG Hydraulic Unit
Huck Model 968 POWERIG Hydraulic Unit
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Huck Model 968 POWERIG Hydraulic Unit

The Huck Model 968 POWERIG® is a portable, air powered hydraulic power source designed to
operate Huck Hydraulic Installation Equipment.

Hydraulic pressure is developed by two hydraulic piston pumps driven by air motors. Pump output is directed to either PULL or RETURN pressure ports of the installation tool by air operated directional
valve. The hydraulic unit is controlled, with air trigger, from the tool.

Internal relief valves are pre-set at the factory for the protection of operator and equipment. External relief valves control PULL Pressure and RETURN Pressure. As shipped from the factory, external relief valve is set at 5400-5700 psi (37200-39300 kPa) and return pressure valve is set at 2700-3300 psi (15200-16500 kPa). Pressures are adjustable to match Huck installation tool being used. See applicable installation tool manual.

Hydraulic fluid is stored in a reservoir. Hydraulic quick disconnect couplers are furnished for connecting installation tool.

The unit weighs approximately 75 pounds (34 kg) without the optional dolly assembly, and when filled with hydraulic fluid.

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