Huck Model 2620 Hydraulic Rivet Tool

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Huck Model 2620  Hydraulic Rivet Tool
Huck Model 2620 Hydraulic Rivet Tool
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Huck Model 2620  Hydraulic Rivet Gun

The Huck 2620 is the new 1/2" tool and replaces the current FE5901 tool. The pass through version 2620-PT replaces the standard 5901. The 2624 is a lightweight ergonomic alternative to the 585 or 586 tool for installing 5/8" product. The new line of Huck hydraulic rivet guns are fully compatible with existing nose assemblies.

Huck® Hydraulic Riveter, 1.437 Inch (36.50mm) Stroke, 2 gpm (7.57 lpm) Flow Rate, Pull Capacity: 19830lb. at 7400 psi (88.21kN at 510.23 bar), 7400 psi (510 bar) Pull Pressure, 3200 psi (221 bar) Return Pressure, Power Source: Powerig® Hydraulic Unit, Hydraulic Fluid: Automatic Transmission Fluid meeting DEXRON® III, DEXRON VI, MERCON®, Allison C-4 or equivalent, 32 to 125 Deg F (0 to 51.7 Deg C) Operating Temperature, Overall Height: 7.046 Inch (178.97mm), Width of Head: 2.827 Inch (71.81mm), Length of Head: 6.563 Inch (166.69mm), Center to Edge: 1.410 Inch (35.81mm), Fastener Type: 3/8 Inch, 1/2 Inch, Weight 9.87lb. (4.48kg)

The 2620 speed fastening tool replaces Model FE5901 for installing 1/2" product. Pulls 1/2" & 3/8" diameter fasteners.

  • Powered by a Huck POWERIG Hydraulic Power System.
  • Installs: Boms (1/2"), C50L pins & collars (1/2"), HP8 (1/2") and Magnagrips (3/8").
  • Fully compatible with existing nose assemblies.
  • Nose assemblies are sold separately.

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