Huck Model 2502-625 Hydraulic Rivet Tool

Part Number:BR-2502-625
Huck Model 2502-625  Hydraulic Rivet Tool
Huck Model 2502-625 Hydraulic Rivet Tool
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Huck Model 2502-625 Hydraulic Rivet Gun

Huck Models 2502 and A2502 Hydraulic Installation Tools are designed to install a wide range of Huck Blind Fasteners and HUCKBOLT® Fasteners. This mini-tool is a lightweight and compact tool which particularly adapts it to install fasteners in limited clearance areas.

The tool is designed to be powered by a Huck POWERIG® Hydraulic Unit set to operate at a maximum of (*) 5,700 psi (39,300 kPa) PULL and 2,200 psi (15,180 kPa) RETURN pressures. CAUTION: To install -12 diameter fasteners in MG, GP and LGP, only, PULL pressure must be set at 8400 psi. See (*) below.

Model 2502 has an electric switch for POWERIG Hydraulic Unit Models 918, 918-5, 940, 943-913, or equivalent. Model A2502 has an air trigger for POWERIG Hydraulic Unit Model 942 and Model 970-3. Model 970-3 may be used when lower PULL and RETURN pressures are sufficient.

A nose assembly is required for each fastener type and size. Nose assemblies must be ordered separately. See your Huck representative for available Nose Assembly Selection Chart and additional Fastener Selection Chart.

Each tool is complete with 12 ft. hydraulic hoses and couplings, electric switch and cord (2502) or air trigger and tubing (A2502). The tool is basically a cylinder and piston assembly. An unloading valve, designed to relieve the hydraulic pressure at end of PULL stroke, is positioned by the piston. The end of the piston rod is threaded and a retaining nut and stop are included for attaching nose assemblies.


  • Length 7.88 in. (201 mm)
  • Width 2.00 in. (51.5 mm)
  • Height (incl. handle) 5.88 in. (150 mm)
  • Weight 4.50 lbs. (2.04 kg)
  • Max. PULL press. 5700/8400 psi (*) (39,300/57,900 kPa)
  • Max. RETURN press. 2400 psi (16,500 kPa)
  • Power Source: Huck POWERIG Hydraulic Unit

(1) Lengths and weights do not include nose assemblies.


Hydraulic Fluid: Automatic transmission fluid. DEXRON II, or equivalent

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