Huck Hucktainer


The Hucktainer panel fastener is designed to meet the special needs of FRP fabrication. These fasteners install with a consistent pressure that reduces the potential for crushing or crazing FRP panels.

Designed specifically for truck trailers, truck bodies, cargo containers, and other structures fabricated from fiberglass-reinforced plywood, Hucktainer fasteners provide the consistent clamp and fast, foolproof installation required for maximum product quality and productivity. Hucktainer fasteners will not crush, craze, or bull-nose FRP panels. Their heavy zinc plating resists corrosion for the long haul; available plastic encapsulation offers even greater anti-corrosion protection, plus color that will never fade. And every fastener includes an integral seal to help keep the elements and other contaminants from invading the joint.

Swift, Secure Installation

Requiring only a few seconds each to install — followed by a quick, visual inspection to verify flushness — Hucktainer fasteners reduce assembly time. A single sleeve fits all pin sizes, accelerating the process even further. What’s more, prepared holes do not have to be perfectly aligned, because the Hucktainer’s spiral-lock system, with breakaway pintail, ensures consistent installation, time after time.

A Worker-Friendly Fastener

Unlike impact wrenches, the tools used to install Hucktainer fasteners are almost whisper-quiet. That means a less stressful, inherently safer workplace. Comfortable, ergonomically designed grips combined with easy-to-pull triggers minimize muscle strain and the possibility of repetitive stress syndrome. Hucktainer installation tools further accommodate your requirements with the choice of air-powered or hydraulic operation.

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