Gage Bilt GB722TCKL Trailer and Truck Cab Riveting Kit

Part Number:BR-GB722TCKL-GB
Gage Bilt GB722TCKL Trailer and Truck Cab Riveting Kit
Gage Bilt GB722TCKL Trailer and Truck Cab Riveting Kit
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Gage Bilt GB722TCKL Trailer and Cab Riveting Kit

  • Gage Bilt Power Tool, 
  • Pneudraulic Lockbolt Tool Kit, 
  • 3/16 Magna Grip Long Nose Assembly
  • 1/4 Magna Grip Nose Assembly
  • 3/16 C6L Nose Assembly
  • 3/16 / 1/4 Magna Lock Nose Assembly
  • Catcher Bag
  • Metal Carry Case

Choose Gage Bilt's Powermax blind rivet and lockbolt installation kit designed especially for Truck and Trailer OEM­s. The GB722TCKL rivet gun kit can be configured to meet your needs, whether you a­re fixing Wabash, Great Dane, Peterbilt, Kenworth or any other brand trailer or truck. The kit includes nose assemblies to pull your fasteners, and at the heart of the system is our heavy-duty Gage Bilt rivet gun. All of this is conveniently stored in a metal tool case.

The GB722TCKL kit contains the long 3/16 Magna-Grip nose needed to fix Kenworth and Peterbilts. Standard length noses for 1/4 Magna-Grip, 3/16 lockbolt nose for stainless steel grill bolts, a nose and 2 tips to install 3/16 and 1/4 structural blind rivets in any material for the hood and cab and a catcher bag for pintails. This kit will work on Freightliner, Mack and many other tractors also. If additional noses are needed, please consult Gage Bilt.

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