Posted by Samantha Erickson on 10/8/2019 to Rivets & Fasteners
Have you ever walked by a railroad track and have seen rivets that seem corroded? Or how about a bridge that guides you over a body of water? Corrosion is bound to happen to any rivet that can be influenced by weather and alternative natural occurrences if not appropriately treated. Luckily, with the right amount of knowledge before starting your "big" task, you will be able to prevent quick corrosion to your fasteners.  

Salt Spray Protection

Did you know that certain types of coating on fasteners are explicitly made for humid climates? Engineers test these fasteners in what is known as an "ASTM B117- Standard Test for Salt Spray Protection." A Salt Spray Protection Test will let the engineer determine precisely how long your fastener will survive in "the real world" before a hint of corrosion. These tests are held in a Salt Spray Cabinet; 24 hours in the cabinet is equivalent to three years in the real world! Chemists continue to produce new coatings such as, Dacromet and Geomet, that increase the longevity of the fastener to withstand 1,000 hours in a Salt Spray Cabinet. That's about 125 years in the real world. However, your Yellow Zinc (96 hours) and Zinc Clear Coating (72 hours) fasteners will give you a decent amount of life as well. Your basic Grey Phosphate can only endure 24 hours in the cabinet, making this type of coating more ideal for a dryer climate. 

Huck Guard 

Looking for a treatment that is powerful, effective, and eco-friendly? HuckGuard is an advanced coating that provides high-level corrosion protection for Huck fasteners. Both collars and bolts can now endure up to 1,000 hours in Salt Spray. The big question is, why should I go with HuckGuard? Well, that's easy! "Most installation processes create a significant tension on the fastener collars, which can end up compromising the finish and ultimate corrosion-resistant properties. However, fasteners treated with HuckGuard offer the added layer of protection needed to guard against the forces of this direct tension/swaging process. HuckGuard adheres to the zinc base coat while providing a high degree of flexibility."

With environments ranging from hot, cold, humid, dry, and so on; the option for corrosion-resistant fasteners is a must. Next time you are deciding to complete a project, no matter small or large, ensure you do your research to protect your handsome fasteners from turning eye-pleasing into an eyesore.  
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