Bulb Rivets: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by BlindRivetSupply.com on 8/12/2019 to Rivet Tools
Bulb Rivets: Everything You Need to Know


Blind rivets can be extremely useful, but their uses, as well as other factors, may vary depending on the type. There are a few different kinds of blind rivets out there, each with their own distinct look and function. Knowing each type may help you determine exactly which one you need to fulfill your own purposes, but today we will only focus on one. Here is everything you need to know about bulb or bulbing rivets.

What is a Bulb or Bulbing Rivet?

A bulbing rivet is a kind of blind rivet whose body, upon the rivet’s installation, expands into three separate “legs.” They stretch in different directions over the blind side of the work, creating a sort of hook that holds the rivet in place. This makes pulling out the rivet extremely difficult and gives it a larger footprint over the blindside. These rivets are also known as tri-bulb blind rivets, tri-fold rivets, Olympic and exploding rivets.

Bulbing rivets are ideal for pliable or fragile materials that don’t work well with other fasteners, such as wood, rubber, and plastic. Additionally, the opened legs can bend around the blindside as needed, making them quite useful for curved surfaces like pipes.

Different Types of Bulbing Rivets and Bulbing Rivet Heads

Just as the bulbing rivet is one of a few types of blind rivets, there are also a few types of bulbing rivets. There are the conventional tri-bulb rivets and the related Bulb-tite Standards. Then there are the Bulb-tite rivets with neoprene washers for additional vibration damping, which are great for vehicles and other machines that produce a great deal of movement. Finally, there are the Bulb-tite rivets in the Shaveable style, whose heads can be finished with a rivet head shaver so that it resembles the other rivets around it. Shaveable rivets are commonly used on Airstream trailers and campers to provide a finished product look.

On that note, there are also several types of bulbing rivet head styles, each with their own purpose. We just described the Shaveable Brazier Head. Countersunk heads once installed will leave a finish which will be even with the workpiece, while the similar Low Profile Flat Heads have just a bit more slant to them. Large Flange Heads are wider than most, strengthening their pull resistance and putting pressure on more surface area. Dome Heads take their name from the rounded appearance post-installation and come with both protruding and recessed crown options.

How to Install Bulb Rivets

Bulb rivets are installed in much the same way as other blind rivets. Be sure to use the appropriate nose piece and jaws as advised by the manufacturer of the rivet to insure proper installation.

The information above should be enough to show you the benefits of bulb rivets and get you started with using them. If you are interested in acquiring some, you can find plenty of high-quality bulb rivets from a variety of recognized manufacturers on BlindRivetSupply.com. Look over our selection today and discover how much they can help you with your labor.

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