A Look Into The Future Of Rivets And Rivet Nut Tooling

We have put a man on the moon. We have built robots to do everyday household chores. We even have people living in space. Through the years past and the ones yet to come, the future is becoming more and more comparable to our favorite cartoon, The Jetsons. Everything continues to evolve, including the rivet and fastener industry. To understand the evolution of the industry that we all work very closely with, one must follow the past, present, and future. 

Change is a scary yet exciting thing that we all face. The unknown frightens some people, but it does not have to. Evolution, for lack of a better word, is riveting! Rivets and fasteners are everywhere and have been for a very long time. You can find them in our railway industries, trucks and cars, spaceships and planes, alternative energy resources, and even in your very own computers. The industry has come a long way from what it was thousands of years ago. Tools are becoming more durable, faster, battery-operated, yet lightweight. And rivets have evolved, including types of materials and protection from the variety in weather elements.

It's quite fascinating. Knowing thousands of years ago, we were using simple rivets to fasten our carts to transport supplies. Fast forward to a more long-lasting metal rivet that secured our boats together to transfer and trade goods as it boomed in the late 18 hundreds and early 19 hundreds. Now fast forward a little more to rivets that can withstand the humidity and fight corrosion using protection such as HuckGuard on means of transportation such as our planes, trains, spaceships, and all others that fall in the same category. The one thing that stays consistent and never changed is the fact that the rivet was the most reliable, durable option to keep two pieces of material securely fastened and dependable. 

Rivets are not the only items that have progressed with the future. We have pneumatic tools that can set hundreds of rivets, some in a matter of minutes, such as the Avdel Genesis 7537. Battery operated tools can last hours without recharge to make off-site projects more manageable. Even something as simple as the weight has substantially decreased in some tools. 

As the years go by, the world and rivet industry continues to advance, making projects faster, making tooling stronger, durability increasing in places most people never thought possible. The times are changing, and the rivet industry is keeping up. Find what you need on Blind Rivet Supply to stay in tune with the demands, the updates, and continuation to move forward with the future. 

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