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Global Stores Group carries the complete line of Alcoa / Marson Rivets, POP Rivets (a Brand name for Blind Rivets manufactured by Emhart Technologies), Huck Rivets, Avdel, Atlas Rivet Nuts and more. Global Stores Group specializes in all of the Marson or Alcoa lines with the ability to supply you from both the commercial line as well as the value line of Blind Rivets. The Alcoa Fastening System offers a full line of headed Marson brand rivets for general consumer and industrial applications.

Blind Rivets are tubular with a mandrel inserted through the center. The purpose of the mandrel is to compress the rivet body causing the back or blind side of the rivet to flare against the reverse side. Once the Rivet has reached a predetermined force, the mandrel will snap at its breaking point. The materials and manufacturing processes used to head rivet bodies increase their shear and tensile values over a stamped eyelet-style rivet. These easy-to-use rivets are used to fasten together two or more pieces of material of varying thickness. Blind Rivets are normally hollow but can also be semi-solid within the core providing a weather tight seal.

Note: When choosing rivets, the rivet body alloy, in addition to being chosen for strength requirements, should also be selected for compatibility with the materials to be joined to avoid galvanic corrosion caused by coupling dissimilar metals. If dissimilar metals are widely separated on the galvanic chart, it is advisable to separate them with a dielectric such as paint or other coating.