Marson Air Hydraulic Thread-Setter 160-SP Inch Series

Part Number:M39225
Marson Air Hydraulic Thread-Setter 160-SP Inch Series
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Marson Air Hydraulic Thread-Setter 160-SP Inch Series

This is our most powerful air/hydraulic rivet nut setting tool. This spin-pull tool automatically threads the fastener onto the mandrel. Press the trigger just once and the fastener is installed. Located at the bottom of the tool is a totally adjustable stroke length rotating knob to suit any grip range. A swivel air inlet is also included for increased mobility. No complicated tear down is required to adjust the stroke or to change thread sizes, both adjustments and changes are done outside the tool. The 39225 handles Rivet-Nut thread sizes 6-32 through 1/2-13. Weight: 6 lbs.

Air Feed

Use only compressed air. Check airline for damage from humidity & contaminants.
In order to protect the tool from premature wear it is recommended a filter
separator &regulator assembly be used. A lubricator is not necessary but a water separator is highly recommended.
Normal working pressure is 85-95 PSI. Air connection thread size 1/4 Inch NPT.

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